Monday, December 3, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I took sick on Thursday and after a long day of work was ready to cuddle up with Jared and relax (Paleo fanatics, be warned):


We only got partway through the movie and went to bed by 7:30.  We were toast!

I took a sick day from work the next day and slept in a little.  I woke up to find Jared had left me a killer kale smoothie.  What a sweetheart!  I didn't even have to make myself breakfast - I just got to chill and read.  Oh, and take a ton of vitamins.

The day went on with more reading and tea and water and sitting on the couch. 

I made myself sweet potato fries for lunch and decided to do the asparagus for dinner while I was at it.


I got super ambitious and decided to start Tina's 24 Days of Togetherness project while watching the HSM canon for my musical theatre revue class.

I'd never seen HSM before (I was too cool for that when it was popular) and I thought it was absolutely adorable!

Saturday morning we slept in - we've both been under the weather this week and I think we really needed extra sleep.  Breakfast was kinda quick since I had to get to the grocery store before Jared had to leave for work, but while he was gone, I made cranberry pancakes for lunch!


I'm happy to say they turned out really well!  I'm not usually the baker at our place so it was really nice to have a culinary success!  Jared made a lemon syrup to go with them.  Yum.

Sunday we celebrated our 2nd day of Togetherness (Saturday was light a peppermint candle, snuggle, and read) with holiday drinks at Starbucks.

Later that evening, we had date night at home with sausage, quinoa, and roasted veggies.  Oh, and Jared muddled the leftover cranberries with some goodness for more special holiday drinks!


I'd like to point out that I have not been to the gym since Wednesday.  A year ago I was working out 12 hours a week and would have been freaking out about 4 days off in a row.  Now, thanks to Jesus, I am continually growing and squashing my fitness idols and felt great taking time to rest this weekend.

You tell me: Is it easy or hard for you to take days off?  Do you make good pancakes?  Read any good mysteries lately?  ("Have His Carcase" is incredible.)

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