Saturday, December 8, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 8

Alright, here we go for week 2 of the challenge!

Your extra credit this week is YOGA.

You can take a class or just do some yoga at home - there are always videos online, or you can go from a good book with sequences.  I really like Slim Calm Sexy Yoga.  It's in lay-person terms which make it really easy to understand and follow.  Plus most of the sequences can be done by anyone and take about 5 minutes each.

Today let's focus on those quads and IT bands!  I've done a fair amount of squatting this week and I really need to loosen up.

Here's some good IT band work from (my favorite) Mobility WOD!

And here's a look at using the VooDoo bands to help with knee pain from overworked/tight quads. 

My husband has the VooDoo bands and really likes them - he does about 30-60 minutes of mobility per day.  (Yes, he's a beast.)

Let me know how the challenge is going for you!  It's not to late to join in.  Let me know how you did getting your 15 minutes a day in the first week!

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