Saturday, December 1, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 1

Hello and thanks for joining me on this mobility challenge! Today we'll be starting out with our feet and calves. I've been runnning more than usual lately and also working hard on improving my double-unders, so my calves are really tight.

Check out this video for an idea on mobility for your feet.

Here's a list of posts on calf mobility:

My suggestions?

Newbies: Focus your five minutes on calf mobility.

Regulars: Spend five minutes on your feet and five on your calves.

Freaks: Ditto the Regulars, then go over everything again for another minute or two and finish with some stretching.

Also, if you're worried about squeezing this in (or don't have the equipment), milk your box. If you're already paying for a membership, now's the time to make the most of it. Any good box should have items like foam rollers available. If your box doesn't have lacrosse balls, you can buy them for a few bucks at a sports supply store. 

Show up five minutes early for class - you can do mobility while talking to people pre-workout. You can stay five minutes after for a little more work, and/or do another five minutes right before bed (really relaxing and helps me wind down). Or if you're lucky, your coach has programmed in mobility into the day's class.

Remember, any time you spend counts - it doesn't have to be on feet and calves today. Whatever you need to focus it!

Leave your score in the comments below. Don't forget to schedule that massage!

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