Monday, December 3, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 3

Good morning and happy Monday!

If you are just joining us, Saturday kicked off the Advent Mobility challenge! CrossFit athletes at our box (including me) are always saying how they need to spend more time on mobility...and then put it off till next week.

I know the holidays get busy with parties and travel, but mobility is something you can do to improve your performance even on days when you can't make it to the box. All you need to do is commit to at least five minutes of mobility every day through Christmas Eve.

Ready for today's challenge? Me, too!

Yesterday we hit our hamstrings and IT today we'll come around and get our quads and inner thighs.

Here's a great exercise for quad mobility (runners, this is great for you, too)!


And here's a good one for those inner thighs.

You earn points by posting your score (what you did and for how many minutes) in the comments below. Extra points if you post on TheMeghaMix's Facebook page, or tweet about the challenge with the hashtag #AdventMobility. 

I'm also offering "extra credit" each week, and this week it rocks:  schedule a massage for yourself - you've totally earned it!

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