Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 9

Alright, here we go with Day 9 of the challenge.

Thanks to everyone who's been tweeting about this or sharing with your friends - love athletes encouraging other athletes to take care of themselves and improve!

Friday at Mercer Island CrossFit we did push presses and weighted lunges, so my wrists need some serious work.  Calling on Mr. Starrett for help as usual.

(As always, you can work whatever you need to!  As long as you do your 15 minutes, I don't care what area you choose - find a problem and tackle it!)

Post your time in the comments!  It's so motivating to know other people are suffering alongside you!


  1. Yesterday I spent 15 minutes on my hips and IT band. Hurts so good.

  2. Awesome, Court! Jared and I did partner ankle and calf mobility yesterday...I almost cried. But I felt way better afterwards!


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