Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Birthday/Advent Mobility: Day 21

Happy birthday to my daddy!

This is from May 2011 -
we need an updated photo of us!
He is an incredible father, husband, teacher, and artist.  He plays a mean game of racquetball and is one of the funniest people I've ever met.  He always took me on "dates" when I was a tyke and read aloud to me and brought me to the office and taught me how to play pool and prayed for me and did the edits for my papers in school and made any visual aid projects look incredible.  Basically, he's the coolest and I'm so glad to have him around!

In his honor, today we'll focus on our backs!  He's had some back pain in the past, and most of us suffer from some level of back pain as well.  Here's a link to some Mobility WOD work for you.

Anyone try that external shoulder rotation?  I realized my external mobility on my left side in particular is almost nil.  Yikes!  That's the good thing about doing all this find problems that you can work on.  If I'd never done the mobility WOD for it, I wouldn't know!  I've had pain from time to time in my left shoulder/upper back/neck area...wonder if this is related?

Hope you are enjoying the challenge!  It has been a really good thing for me - no way would I have been so consistent on my own.

Post your time to the comments.  And feel free to send my dad birthday gifts.  He likes coffee and excellent murder mysteries.

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