Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas/Advent Mobility Day 18

Yesterday I decided not to do a Day 17 post. 

I hope everyone had enough Mobility WOD videos on hand to still get your work done?  I spent 10 minutes last night on my calves and feet, and then another 5 or so on my quads and lats and traps.  Anyone else finding it tougher and tougher to squeeze in those 15 minutes a day?  Last night I had someone coming over and thankfully she was later than expected, so I just did my mobility until she arrived.

Today, let's focus on forearms (this one's on an airplane)! 

hese are so often overlooked, and yet we use them in almost EVERYTHING we do at CrossFit.  And even if you don't CrossFit, you are wrapping presents and hauling groceries and moving fudge from a plate to your mouth, so we all could use the work.  Plus you can easily do forearm mobility work at your desk or while hanging out with people...which is how I'm going to sneak in mine today.

Post your time to the comments.  Help me avoid slacking off in our final week!

In other news, things are looking pretty cheery for Team Matson these days:

Watched Little Women while decorating my little tree...I'm also a huge fan of the June Allyson/Peter Lawford version but unfortunately my copy is a VHS.

Foil-covered goodies from coworkers!  With ice skate card - yes!!! 

Jared and I do Christmas as we like throughout the month.  A gift I gave him: 

A gift he gave me (after I had a crappy day).  He's the best. 

Picked a gift for my coworkers from World Vision.  Check it out!

Jared couldn't wait to give me the adorable coat he bought me at H&M.  This guy has killer taste.

Hastings (named for Poirot's friend) getting all decorated - I love tiny trees.

Hope you are all having a wonderful December of much celebration and minimal stress!

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