30 for 30 for 30

See Meghan Sweat.  See Meghan Save Money.  Skinnier Thighs.  Fatter Wallet.

From KendiEveryday: "How to take the 30 for 30 challenge: 1. Take 30 items in your closet. 2. Make 30 outfits. If you'd like, give up shopping for the duration of the challenge. Then take that money you've saved and take a bath in it. Or put it in a savings account, whatever you think is the more responsible choice."

Earlier this year, I took a loose version of the 30 for 30 challenge in order to stop spending money on clothes I didn't need.  The excercise was tremendously helpful, and as the year went on, it seemed my spending dragon was vanquished, perhaps for good. 

Then, once I felt pleased and proud that my impulse sale stops had come to an end, I woke up to find that my Spending Dragon was back.  This time, it reared its terrifying head (hey, flames are scary stuff...not to mention dragon breath) on the battlefield of workout clothes.

What's a girl to do?  All of my typical smart shopper rhetoric did me no good:
  • SMART SHOPPER: "Yes, it's cute, but will you ever wear it?" CRAZY MEGHAN: "Um, duh.  I work out like every single day."
  • SMART SHOPPER: "Okay, but don't you have something similar already?" CRAZY MEGHAN: "Yes, I do...that's how I know I will really like this one!  Plus, I clearly can't re-wear my workout clothes between washings.  So I need this for when the other one is sweaty and gross."
  • SS: "Fine.  But what about the quality?  Do you need something this expensive?  Couldn't another brand suffice?" CM: "Quality is VERY important!  These aren't some silly flats that might go with one outfit.  These are running shoes!  They are protecting my feet and joints and helping me go faster!"
  • SS: "I guess that makes sense, but..." Here things get ugly and crazy Meghan usually hits Smart Shopper over the head with her purse and makes a run for it.
Clearly, I have a problem.  I love cute workout clothes, and it's way too easy to justify buying more of them than I need.  And my budget is starting to suffer.

Here's the plan:
  • 30 items of clothing (including jackets and shoes, but not counting socks or accessories)
  • 30 workouts
  • 30 days
I will not be spending a dime on anything that I can wear while working out until 9/15/11.  I cannot wear the same outfit twice.  I'll be working out every single day.

Check out my awesome gear for the next month!

3 pairs of shoes: Nike Free, Nike cross-trainer, old Nike Lunar for trail runs

7 sports bras: blue Champion seamless cami, white Nike medium impact, pink Champion high support seamless, grey and blue lululemon, turqoise and lime Nike high impact, black Champion seamless cami, white Nike high impact

3 jackets: black lululemon, white Everlast, white lululemon

1 swimsuit: basically this just means I have to swim one day this month...since I'm pretty sure that my "sweat wicking" gear is not entirely pool-friendly...

8 bottoms: purple Brooks shorts, black Old Navy capris, grey lululemon shorts, grey Express capris, black Champion skirt, brown/grey Champion capris, black lululemon capris, black Nike Dry Fit capris

8 tops: white Fall City Days 5k tee, lime Nike high impact top, grey lululemon tank, turquoise Nike tee, Nike "There Is No Finish Line" tee, black Nike tee, green Nike tee, pink Nike tee

Wow.  Hopefully Nike won't go out of business during my month-long purchasing hiatus.

Note - I never ended up swimming.  Oops.  So I guess this was really 29 for 30 for 30?  It doesn't really have the same ring to it.  Oh, well.