Friday, December 7, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 7

Hard to believe we're almost done with the first week of #AdventMobility

Today we're going to hit some thus-far neglected team members - our arms.

Have you ever noticed that your forearms get killed pretty much no matter what you do at CrossFit? You need them for almost every lift, for pullups, for kettle-bell swings, even to hold the rope for double-unders! Chances are with all that work, they are getting a little tight, which is making your wrists inflexible or causing pain in your elbows.


Kettlebell swings will really kill your forearms!
Let's get to work!  Awesome video from Mobility WOD complete with "forearm torture device"!  If you work your forearms while watching the movie (grab a tennis, racquet, or lacrosse ball), you'll already be done with 5 of your 15 minutes!

Also check out some good stretches for your forearms.

Missed some of the work and wanna get caught up? 
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Talk to me - how are you liking the challenge so far? Any suggestions? Did you squeeze that massage in this week? Give me the lowdown and post your score in the comments below!

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