Friday, March 29, 2013

Open WOD 13.3/Chelsea Girl WOD (Workout Recap Week of 3/18)

Monday - Wendler's Week 3 (Back Squat and Bench Press)
Monday was a kick-butt lifting kinda day!  Makes me SO glad I resisted the urge to retest 13.2 on Sunday and just took a rest day.
Got a huge compliment at the gym.  Apparently another trainer told Jared he saw me doing my back squats next to a high school guy. "They loaded the same amount of weight on their bars, and your wife was totally showing him up.  Her form is great!"
My "heavy" sets for back squats just didn't feel too tough.  My improved mobility is totally paying off and I'm pumped to hit my goal of #185 by the end of the month!
My bench press was even better!  I was feeling so strong and ended up scaling most of my lifts up a little.  I did two separate lifts at my old on rep max!  Hoping to crush it and break #100 when I retest in two weeks.
Was in way too much of a hurry in the morning and didn't bring my Progenex, so I settled for the best thing on hand at the gym.
Tuesday - CrossFit
Got to class early and worked my double unders and chest to bar pullups.

We did snatch balance work...I went up to 6 reps at #33.

The WOD was Fight Gone Bad style:
3 rounds
(1 minute each station)
Row for Cal
Push Press #65/45
Walking Lunges
Weighted Sit ups #45/25

I really pushed myself - I am working on my mental game and being okay with discomfort.  I scored a total of 240!

Wednesday - Rest/active recovery
Took it easy with 4 x 400 meter repeats on the rower, resting 2 minutes between each.  Great to get the blood flowing and get in 15 minutes of mobility.

Also...Jared bought me tea!!!

I got to choose some free stuff from course I maxed out on designer bandaids!  I'm always hurting my

Thursday - CrossFit

Skill work was butterfly or kipping practice.  Since my kip is not totally solid yet, there was no reason to try butterfly pullups...but it was fun watching some other athletes taking a stab at the technique!

We got to choose a make-up WOD from Monday thru Wednesday.  I went with Wednesday (Monday included thrusters which seemed like a bad idea to do right before 13.3).  


Scaled kettlebell swings from #35 to #26 and did 800m rows instead of runs.  First four burpees were horribly slow and felt so tough...I was stepping each foot back and then dropping down.  Decided to amp up my mental game and did almost all the sets of kettlebell swings unbroken and almost all the burpee sets unbroken.
Friday - CrossFit Open 13.3
My best mental approach to an Open WOD this year!  My goal was to do a few double-unders (last year I only got through 90 wall balls before the time cut-off.

This was also my first time at one of our Friday throwdowns - everyone brought their game and we had a blast!!!  (Thanks to Kristi for the awesome photos!)
Kristi (blue) didn't get no repped ONCE on her wall balls!
I made it through all 150 wallballs AND 18 double unders!
Saturday - Olympic Lifting/Girl WOD
So sore I could barely walk in to class from the parking lot.
Of course we were doing squat snatches and Chelsea.
I LOVE EMOM workouts so I can't complain too much.  Worked up during the 10 minutes from #35 to #65!
Chelsea is like Cindy's bossy older sister:
30 minute EMOM of pullups, pushups, and squats.  The highest score you can get is 30. 
You lose one point for every time you don't finish a round in time to start a new one on the next minute.  For example, in the first minute you finish a full round.  In the second minute, you get through 12 air squats before the third minute starts.  You finish your last 3 air squats, deduct a point from 30, and rest until the fourth minute starts and you start a new round!
I was doing great until my right hand tore open about 9 rounds in.  Hadn't taped well enough.  Lost at least two points while Jared fixed me up...and two rounds later tore my left hand!  Yikes.

I only lost 13 points, so a score of 17 seemed pretty good all things considered!  Finished up my "workout" with an almost two hour massage.  SO needed it.
Sunday - REST

Still hardly walking from extra soreness from Chelsea and my torn hands.  Spent a ton of time reading and chilling.

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