Friday, December 30, 2011

On the First Day of Christmas true love gave to meeeee: a Japanese transistor radio!!!

Not really.  But my family raised me to appreciate fine humor...and laugh politely at lame jokes.  I personally class Allan Sherman with the former.

Both Jared and I have family in the area, so Christmas can often be a little hectic.  Based on the wisdom built over 2.5 years of marriage, we have started marking our own traditions so that we can enjoy time with our families, but still feel like our own little unit is the biggest priority.

The first year we were married, we started our annual participation in the 12ks of Christmas!

Who doesn't ♥ Santa?
The second year we were married, we started giving each other stockings and one "big" present.  We generally agree on a budget, but the amounts can be split however you need to designate 60% for stocking and 40% for present.

The biggest rule around this that we can do it whenever the heck we want.  This year Jared literally came home on a Wednesday and said he was stoked to give me my gifts.  So we exchanged right then...well, after I frantically ran to our outside storage unit to dig out the stockings.  It's the little things, right?

This year was a success all around:

My "stocking" from Jared...which didn't fit in the stocking
I love the Melting Snowman and Abominaball!
 I find basically nothing on earth as relaxing as a good hot bath.  To me, lush is like the grownup version of rubber duckies. 

And my "big" gift...the running tights I was coveting from lululemon:

They run small...I had to go back and exchange them, even though the hubby got what would usually fit.  Other than that, they are amazing.  Sadly, due to PT I am not allowed to run in these (well, or in anything else) until about the end of January, but they work well for Crossfit and yoga and just chilling. 

Jared had NO CLUE where his big gift was from.

Chocolates including the Pike Place Stout

A new TV show to try...and a favorite film

Fancy pants shaving elements

And Satsumo Santa!!! 
Who was actually purhcased a day or two later...
be chill about gift-giving, folks!!!
And the "big" gift...I made him flex his muscles for me:

This third year of marriage, we added reading Scripture together.  A lot of folks like Luke 2, which I think is sweet, but we decided we wanted something that looks forward to the second coming of Jesus.  So we ended up with Revelation 22.  It was an excellent reminder that this world is not all that there is, and I am looking forward to continuing this little tradition in the years to come.

You tell me: What traditions do you love celebrating each year?  Did you add anything new this Christmas season?

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