Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Advent Mobility: Day 11

Hey, #AdventMobility team!

We are almost halfway through the challenge already - hard to believe!  I have seen personally great lessening of elbow pain (forearm mobility) and knee pain (IT band mobility).  I've also seen some improvement in my squat depth!

I just want to remind you when you think about putting off your mobility for tomorrow...this IS your tomorrow.  If you want to improve your health and your fitness, why put in all the effort, expense, and time into prepping Paleo meals and WODding at the box if you're gonna risk the screeching halt of an injury?

To stay motivated, remember that mobility, like strength and skills, doesn't just happen.  You have to put in the time!  Only 15 minutes a day will net you a ton of progress.

K-Star often has "test/retest" on his videos.  Do the test before you do your mobility work, and then retest afterwards to see how you've improved.  You'll be amazed!

Today let's hit those IT bands!  I went trail running on Sunday and still feel tight.  I've got a race coming up on the 16th and want to be all limbered up.  As usual, you can do mobility wherever you need it - no need to follow along with my programming.

Post your time to the comments!  Extra points if you tweet about the challenge.  Lorie's in the lead right now to win that copy of Supple Leopard!


  1. I spent a good amount of time post WOD doing the couch stretch for my hips, they are always so tight!

    1. Oooh, that one is brutal! Nice work - I always find it hard to to mobility/stretching right after the WOD. I'm usually so exhausted!


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