Friday, October 12, 2012

Goal Post

Lest you think it's all workouts and veggies over here, I would like to wish you a happy Friday with a very happy photo:

I split this heavenly maple bar with Jared earlier this week.  Being fit is important...and so is enjoying life.  And what is life without a maple bar now and then?  Basically not worth living.

As you likely know, my husband Jared also CrossFits.  He's the one who got me to try it in the first place, and in June he got his L1 certificate and now coaches at our box. 

Yeah, he can do muscle-ups
For his own workouts, about four months ago he started following the CrossFit Invictus Competition Programming.

I like to refer to it this way: "CrossFit Invictus - When Regular CrossFit Just Isn't Hard Enough."

Basically, his WODs could eat my WODs for lunch.

I never thought I'd be joining Jared for ANY of his Invictus programming, but Wednesday surprised me.  Part of his RX included writing out goals for the remainder of 2012!

We sat down after dinner (Jared with a beer and me with wine and dark chocolate) and discussed our goals for the next three months.  Jared already had his pretty much set, but I needed some help with mine.  Because Jared's a personal trainer and CrossFit coach, he had really good input on what were some good priorities to set and how I could keep my expectations reasonable.

He ended up with 10 goals and I (the one who gets overwhelmed, like, daily) stuck with 5.

Meghan's Goals for the End of 2012 (besides saving the world):
  • Sub-10 Minute "Annie" (RX) - I've currently got a sub-15 minute RX time, so this will mean practically devoting more time to my double-unders.
  • Sub-10 Minute "Diane" (RX deadlifts, handstand pushups to a #15 plate) - My deadlift is great, but I can't currently do one full range of motion handstand pushup, so 35 to a plate is enough of a goal right now.
  • 1 Full Range of Motion Handstand Pushup - Anytime these are in a warmup, I'll do at least some to a plate, and then a few deficit box pushups (this allows me to get full range of motion without having to use as much body weight).
  • Link Strict Chest to Bar Pullups - My kipping pullups are getting a lot better, but I always need a band for chest to bar pullups.  I'll be doing more dead-hang pullups with no band mixed with trying to kip chest to bar.
  • Full Squat Snatch at #75 - This will require work on my technique, strength, and also a lot of focus on mobility.  I have tight hip flexors, IT bands, and lats, so I need to devote more time to post-WOD and recovery day mobility work and yoga.

It's really nice to have some concrete, specific goals that I think I can actually achieve!  I will keep you posted on my progress...and would love any tips on the movements, WODs, or just plain motivation! 

I'm hitting the box tonight for class with my mom (Jackie is on the schedule - woot!) and then tomorrow morning for the Olympic lifting class and another Girl WOD.  Have a great weekend!!!

You tell me: Do you have any goals set for the rest of the year?  How do you find a balance between pushing yourself and keeping things achievable?  What's your favorite kind of doughnut???


  1. Love setting goals! These look awesome! I like setting goals for myself, but hate it when I don't reach them so I try to keep them reasonable.

  2. Thanks, Court! Yeah, it is really helpful to have Jared around to say, "You're probably not going to RX Grace by the end of the year if your current 1 rep max is 95 pounds...doing 30 reps of your one rep max is a little too ambitious." Lol.


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