Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Support Your Local Sheriff

...er, bloggers, that is.

Yes, good stuff here

Lately I've been falling prey to the old peer pressure trap.  Good thing I read really awesome blogs.

Dress Cute/Sweat Hard - think pretty thoughts

Katy recently bought a pair of compression crops from Old Navy...so naturally I ran out and bought myself a pair.  Obviously the plan is vicarious osmosis: the more I wear these pants, the more muscle-building awesomeness I will inherit from Katy.  Pretty cool, right?

They have a hidden waist pocket, too!

So cute!

Sweat Hard/Think Sharp - Ali on the Run

One of Ali's cool friends bought her an adorable plaque to hang her medals on.  Now, I'm not necessarily the kinda gal who is motivated by medals and awards...but I'm DEFINITELY motivated by cuteness.  I rushed to the Etsy site to find that they had gotten my memo about the accent color in our living room.  So I pretended to be my own cool friend and bought one for myself.

I'm such a good friend
Now I need more medals to add to the decor!

Eat (really really freakin') Well - Eats Well with Others

See?  Joanne's blog basically forces me to try her recipes to be true to my own.  I therefore claim zero responsibility for the 4 loaves of zucchini banana bread we have made since her amazing, drool worthy post.  There's whole wheat flour in this stuff...which means it's healthy and REALLY hard to turn down.

Plus when I first saw the recipe I had bananas but no zucchini, and then a day or so later, zucchini arrived in our CSA box.  It was the hand of God.

Prepping for heaven...
reading the Bible and eating zucchini bread

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