Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Sweataway: Part VI - Sure Beets McDonald's

It's the final leg of our little jaunt in Bend...makes me a bit sad.  Oh, well.  I'm on my countdown till our next trip in the fall.

After reading and walking and snacking and window shopping, I met up with Jared after his massage at The Wine Shop across from Oxford Hotel.  We wanted to get a bottle for his grandparents. 

This place claims to capture "the essence of European lifestyle," and they are not kidding.  I felt like I was right back in the suburbs of Rome.  Slow-moving, easy-going staff...or friends of staff?  It was hard to tell who was working and who was just there to chill out.  We found a perfect bottle and ended up with a hand-written receipt because the register wouldn't print one out.  Kinda fun.

Our next goal was to find a place for lunch.  We had a plethora of options in walking distance, but really wanted to find somewhere tasty and healthy...which, as usual, narrowed the choices down quite a bit.

We landed in the outdoor seating of 900 Wall.  You could tell we were tourists from somewhere dismal and rainy...all the smart locals sat inside due to the high temperature wihout.  We were hot, they were cool, and we were all happy.

I ordered beets.  This was a big step of faith for me...I grew up hating most vegetables, and still have bogey-man notions about many of them.  I don't remember even having beets much (if ever) as a kid, but I was convinced they would be like purple, dirt flavored jello.  These changed my mind:

After lunch, we bid a fond farewell to the little shops and streets and headed over to Whole Foods to grab snacks for the long ride home...

We ended up with a Clif Builder's bar, a Probar, fresh berries, and tiny bell peppers - all easy and nutritious fingerfood. 

Even the drive home was gorgeous.  Can't wait till next time!

What's your favorite getaway destination?

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