Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer Sweataway: Part III: The No Shoe Solution

Back in the hotel after our tour and tasting, we decided to hit up the fitness center before using our gift card at the hotel's restaurant.

Gorgeous room!!!
We planned to run on the treadmills together...but instead we ran into a problem.  I'd left my running shoes at home.

So...Jared ran and I did abs and yoga...really not a bad idea after being crammed in your car for 6+ hours.  I felt refreshed and relaxed, just in time for happy hour!

Not the greatest...but we rarely get photos together...

The atmosphere was so noisy crazy folks!

And here's what we ate...Jared got the burger, obviously.

We decided to forego dessert - it's a great way to save on money and calories.  Instead, we headed back to our room and broke out some special caramels I bought Jared at the Bellevue Farmer's Market!

Good way to end a great day!

Coming up...we finally got our bike ride!!!

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