Monday, August 22, 2011

My First Personal Training Session (more 30 for 30 for 30)

Hey howdy hey!  I'm playing catch-up since I spent the weekend catching up on sleep and sunshine instead of hunched over a laptop, blogging.

30 for 30 for 30: Day 3 (chest and triceps)

Wednesday was a "rest" day on my training obviously I figured it was a good time to get in one of my free personal training sessions at the new gym (sign up for a membership at SJCC and get 90 minutes of personal can split it up or do it all at once). 

Pink tee - Nike, pink sports bra - Champion,
running skirt - Champion (grey Nike cross-trainers)

Every gal needs a good pair of weight-lifting gloves...unless she wants callused hands. 

I had done yoga first thing in the morning, which really got my day started on the right foot.  I drove over to the gym after work and got in 20 minutes of racquetball with the hubby...It turned out that his 4:30 client had cancelled, so he worked me into his training schedule instead!

You'd think that, being his wife, I'd get free training with Jared all the time.  Truth be told, I bug him for advice and spotting and ideas, and sometimes we even work out together.  But Wednesday was my first official personal training session

First off, Jared took me through an overhead squat assesment.  Basically you do some body weight squats with your arms raised to the sky, and the trainer watches to find out where you have strength imbalances.  I am apparently tight in my hip flexors and stronger in my left arm than my right.  I also have tight IT bands...but I knew that already (many people tend to have overly developed/too tight inner thighs...I'm the other way around).

Next, he had me warm up with 20 jumping jacks and 15 burpees. 

Then, we moved into strength training.  I tend to work different muscle groups on different days, and Wednesdays are usually my chest and triceps day.  Jared rolled with that so I could stay right on schedule. 

He started me with 4 sets of dive bomber pushups, with about 6-10 reps, resting between sets.  I was dying.  I had done these before but apparently never the right way.  My form coming back up was not at all right...and I wasn't working my triceps the way I should have been.

After that, (which took a while due to all my gasping and shaking and Jared's encouragement) we moved over to do a circuit of three exercises (I think 3 times through the circuit, doing 8-12 reps of each exercise):
That was all we had time for in our 30 minute session, and frankly, I was beat...

Next up, personal training session #2!!!

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  1. See I feel like if my (future) husband was also my personal trainer...there'd be so much cursing and threats that we'd be divorced soon. Sounds like he really worked you out though!


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