Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Sweataway: Part IV - Bears and Bikes

Beautiful morning in Bend, OR.  Wow, what a view!  Seriously, we were SO bummed we had only planned a one night stay.  (We already have reservations for our fall sweataway.)

Flower - Old Navy, shades - LC for Kohl's,
necklace - Brass Plum, tee - Gap,
jacket - lululemon (skirt - Old Navy)
We get ready a little differently in the morning...

Jared making coffee

Me blogging away
On our drive to Bend, we had gone through a little town with a Black Bear Diner.  We almost stopped in, not because we in any way recommend BBD as a healthy eatery, but because it has a special place in our hearts. 

There used to be one on the Eastside, and Jared took me there twice as a surprise...both times thinking he'd never taken me before.  The atmosphere is really fun, and they play Elvis music (we swing danced professionally together for years and so of course, we're fans).  But now our BBD is all gone, and so when we got to Bend and saw yet another Black Bear Diner, we knew we'd have to check it out for breakfast.

Good thing we got our blood pumping on the way...BBD is not exactly the healthiest joint.

Jared ordering...on one past date, it took him
20 minutes to choose his Black Bear Diner meal.

My breakfast...lots of calories and lots of butter. 
I got bell peppers in my omlette and the avocado AND I shared with Jared,
but this was definitely my splurge meal
After breakfast, we biked over to the Old Mill District.  None of the shops were open that early, which was just as well for our budget.  The buildings were so pretty that the trip was still worth it!

REI in the old mill!

We biked around for a while more before heading back to the hotel.  It's so invigorating, and a great way to see some sights and work off a big breakfast.

In our next episode, watch Jared go to the spa!

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