Saturday, August 13, 2011

Summer Sweataway: Part II - Vodka Distillery Tour

The story continues...

So, as part of our super awesome deal, we got a bottle of vodka from a local distillery in Bend, and got to take a tour of the place!  (To schedule your own amazing tour, go visit Oregon Spirit Distillers' website.)

We were staying at the Oxford hotel, and for one of its amazing perks, it offered adorable retro cruiser bikes to toodle around town on for free.  The distillery looked quite close from our GPS, so we decided to cycle over instead of driving, especially since we'd already been in the car all day.

Well, we got out all ready and went down to the lobby, and were just about to hop on our bikes and pull away, when the friendly bell hop and valet asked where we were headed for the evening.  When we told them about our tour, they told us the place had changed locations and it would be about a 5 mile ride or so...they ran inside, got us directions off mapquest, pulled our car around (we couldn't have made our tour appointment on the bikes), and off we the wrong distillery:

This ain't the place...
So we called up the real distillery (okay, this one was real, too, but we didn't have an appointment with them and they looked very closed) and told them we'd be a bit late...and drove back into town to the location we had been headed to in the first place.
We were a little frustrated that we could've ridden the bikes after we both hate being late.  But the guy was very understanding and we got a great tour.  Jared liked it even more than I did...he majored in biochemistry, and he loves hearing how things work.  I like wandering around taking pictures of cool looking things, so I guess we're a good team.

We're finally at the right place!

After getting a tour and hearing how the vodka is made (I'd tell you but obviously I hardly remember a thing...I know something gets fermented or something like that...and then it goes in barrels?), we got to taste some of the spirits themselves!

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