Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pre-Yoga Post

Sweat Hard - Think Sharp

I'm not entirely sure which is the appropriate heading for a post about yoga, since I will be doing the non-hot sort of yoga tomorrow.  And while said yoga type is still a challenge...I do not anticipate it causing me to sweat hard...or at all.  And in a way, yoga is about thinking.  Or not thinking?  I feel that Gilbert and Sullivan probably wrote a campy musical number on the subject in one of their operettas.

I have nothing to say yet, except that I like yoga, but usually just practice at home when I can.  So I am excited to go tomorrow.

And I had to have a Pre-Yoga Post so that I can have a follow-up Post-Yoga Post.  Pathetic, I know. 

Me and my mat...

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