Friday, March 11, 2011

The Core-porate World

Eat Well - Dress Cute - Think Sharp

Apparently thus far, I prioritize sweating over what I wear, eat, or think.  Yeesh...hopefully I will be posting some yummy food pictures soon.  Lately I'm putting spinach on everything - it's cheap and comes prewashed and ready to use.  Plus, it goes with just about anything - you've gotta love all that iron!  

You can also look forward to a very belated, photo-filled update on  the 30 for 30 remix challenge.  Yup, inspired by the classy Kendi Everyday.  I'm rather ashamed to say I am already on day 9/30 without a single photo uploaded.  I mostly chose my 30 items based on what I felt like wearing the first several days, so we'll see how I make it through.  Already enjoying the learning experience, for sure.

Reading more Psalms and also listening to Emma for the thousand time.  I wish that I could say one of the more popular Jane Austen heroines like Elizabeth Bennet was my kindred spirit, but I have to admit I am Emma all the way.  I tend to think I am better than everyone else, to be convinced of something I have determined in my mind until absolutely forced to give up the delusion, and hurt and affronted when any caring friend deems it wise to correct me from my selfish or rude course of action.  Thankfully she marries Mr. K in the end, and I have Jared, so our likeness extends to at least one redeeming circumstance for us both.

Sweat Hard

Thanks to my "life coach," several months ago I determined to quit doing the same workouts week in and week out.  I now force myself to change things up once a month, at minimum.  This forces my muscles to work in different ways, making them stronger, and it keeps me from getting bored to tears.  I get inspiration and ideas from a range of websites and magazines...and this month is no different.

Try this ab workout from Health magazine - all you need is yourself and a Swiss ball. 
(Some of the exercises could probably be done almost as well swapping the ball for a regular chair.)  I must say I find the first exercise to be a little looks dumb to sit and bounce up and down for a full minute at the gym.  So I skip that part and throw in this move at the end so I still have seven different exercises total.  Do two sets if you have time, but one is definitely enough to make you sore. 

I recommend doing this workout at least 3 times per week.  It's excellent for anyone trying to tone up love handles or improve overall core strength.  Using the Swiss ball will require more concentration from your brain and greater stabilization from your core.  Plus, it's a thousand times more fun than regular situps and crunches.  What's not to love?

Only 9.5 more hours in the work week...SO looking forward to date night tonight with the hubby.  Happy Friday!!!

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