Monday, March 14, 2011

Why Take the Shuttle...When You Can Run?

Sweat Hard - Eat Well

Took our little car in to the shop today for a full service at Greg's Auto - definitely recommend these guys.  They did great work and stuck to the originally estimated time of completion and cost of repairs.

The shuttle dropped me off at work this morning, but since Mondays are my long-run days, I thought, "Hey, I can just run back over there to pick the car up!"  And so, I did.  Started the run indoors at the gym since my knees were complaining yesterday...grabbed some of those Clif shot blocks, and ran the rest of the time outside (in the sun) on the way to get the car.

I was really impressed with the shot blocks - can't remember which flavor we got - maybe the cranberry razzberry?  Easy to carry, quick to eat, and they give you a boost of energy without making your stomach hurt mid-run. sells a few varieties.

We're also excited about 100% cherry juice and Zico coconut water these days...the cherry juice is supposed to minimize swelling and pain in your joints, and the coconut water is really effective for hydration.

Well, happy Monday - enjoy the later light!

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