Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pizza Is Good For You...and So Are the Psalms

Eat Well

...and not just in an emotional way.  Below you'll get a glimpse of one of our recent creations.  Every so often we have time to go completely from scratch, but in everyday real life, we start with a thin crust frozen pizza (Freschetta and California Pizza Kitchen are both good choices) and work up from there. 

This pizza started life as a thin crust, pepperoni-type offering from CPK.  Jared is adding spinach.  (I told you we put it on everything!)

Notice the kalmata olives, if you will

Add horseradish cheese for flavor + added calorie burn


And for one more idea, take the CPK bbq chicken thin crust pizza, add spinach, red spicy peppers, unsalted pistachios, green bell peppers (cheaper than the red, orange, and yellow variety...probably cause they aren't as fun), and, of course, spinach:

One big perk of adding all the veggies (beside the obvious nutrient-packed punch) is that one slice of this pizza fills me up, whereas I can eat two of the frozen pizza with no added toppings.  This means I'm not overeating, and I can take leftovers to work!

Think Sharp

Reading Psalm 41 this morning...is verse 9 prophetic regarding Jesus and Judas Iscariot? "Even my close friend, someone I trusted, one who shared my bread, has turned against me."  Not sure...interesting thought, though.

I love how honest the psalmist(s) always are.  It's a really good reminder that there's no use trying to fake anything before God.  He already knows what's going on and how you feel about it.  So stop wasting time and be straight up when you talk to Him.  He's a good God.

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