Monday, April 4, 2011

Post-Yoga Post

Sweat Hard - Think Sharp

Yoga Friday morning was absolutely delightful.  As my knowledge of yoga is limited, I will not be able to fully describe what we did in class...lots of vinyasa type yoga (going from one pose into another and then either back to the first or through a whole series of poses), as well as the good old BalanceHereInThisContortedWayUntilYouStartToWobbleLikeATop type yoga. 

Perhaps the most fun part of the class is watching other people who are serious yoga-doers.  It is unbelievable how flexible and coordinated people can be.  It's also incredibly relaxing mentally to be in a class where you just follow the instructor as best you can, rather than trying to come up with stretches yourself at home.

If you haven't tried yoga yet...I highly encourage you to do so.  Yes, there is some level of "reach inside your soul to find your inner sea cucumber," but it varies based on the instructor, and it is not hard to find a more fitness-oriented class.  

A lot of yoga studios have very cheap classes/packages for beginners, since they are trying to get you hooked.  If you are a member at a gym or fitness center, check to see whether they offer free or cheap yoga classes as part of your membership.  You can also try looking for a lululemon store near you.  Most offer weekly or bi-weekly free yoga classes directly in the store.

You will get an unbeatable combination of strength-training, core work, and stretching/balance practice. 

Happy stretching, and happy Monday!

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  1. I'm sorry but I laughed out loud at "inner sea cucumber" when I read this and now I laugh every time I think of it. Way to be awesome, Meghan.


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