Wednesday, March 23, 2011

God is Good

Think Sharp

No time for a super long post today, the last couple of days, God has been teaching me a lot about Himself.  One thing that just blows my mind is how God/the Holy Spirit comforts us.  And by that, I don't just mean when life is rough or when we have been hurt (although that is a truly wonderful gift as well).  I mean that God would have the compassion not only to forgive us our sins if we trust Jesus as our Savior, but that He would also comfort us in the times when we are broken by our own sin against Him.

I saw this a lot as a child, with my parents always giving us a huge hug after disciplining us and letting us know that they loved us and wanted good for us...and I see it now in my marriage, the way my husband forgives and then comforts me when I have sinned against him.

What a truly amazing God we serve - He totally shatters the myth that God is a mean grandpa trying to ruin everyone's fun and the devil is the cool uncle who will let you do what you want.  If you follow selfishness and sin and Satan, you will find pride, despair, devasatation and ultimately, death.  If you follow Jesus, you will find freedom, grace, joy, and ultimately, eternal life with God.

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