Monday, January 28, 2013

Workout Recap (Cindy RX)

Hello hello!

This weekend just flew by.  I'm kinda sad it's over, but I'm surprised to say waking up at 4:30 was a piece of cake.  Go figure.  Guess all that going to bed early stuff pays off after a while?  And my body really thrives on routine...which is good since Jared will be working at 6 every weekday come February.

Here's how last week's workouts stacked up:

Monday: Week 4 of Wendler's + Crap Ton of Walking

Walked to library to pick up season 5 of Gilmore Girls.  Realized it was MLK day.  Left work early.  Planned to have over an hour at the gym to try (a scaled version) of the day's Invictus workout.  Caught first bus.  Read Dorothy Sayers.  Waited for transfer bus.  Read Dorothy Sayers.  Started shivering.  Checked holiday schedule. Felt confused that bus should have come. Waited a total of 30 minutes in the cold.  Caught another bus.  Asked driver about getting close to gym.  Got directions.  Got lost.  Got more directions.  Walked down Gallagher Hill in boots.  Sang "Unicorn Song."  Reminded self that CrossFitters are prepared for anything.  Made it to gym without feeling in most digits.  Exhausted and a little frustrated about arriving an hour after expected time.

Got changed and decided to make most of 35 minutes at gym.  15 minutes core work and warmup, 5 minutes mobility.  15 minutes working dumbbell overhead press and dumbbell row. 

15 more minutes of mobility at home.

Tuesday: CrossFit

Walked to library to pick up season 5 of Gilmore Girls.  And an Inspector Ian Rutledge and a Lord Peter Wimsey. 

Went to CrossFit.  Skill work: technique and form on air squats.  Worked on not falling forward so much.

WOD was killer.  Scaled power snatch to #45.  Still hate wall balls.  Jess B encouraged me to keep going and finish strong.


Wednesday: Rest Day

Left shoulder/neck hurt like the dickens from carrying bag all over Mercer Island on Monday.  Did shoulder stability work and ate a ton of quality calories.  Long day at the office was made up for by dinner with the parents.

Thursday: Massage/Active Recovery

Took some sick time to get a massage from Jen in the afternoon.  Neck a zillion times better.  Arrived at the gym to pick Jared up about 30 min early due to no traffic.  Hopped on the ERG for some active recovery...felt like I needed it, and my body was really happy afterwards.

15 minutes total...4 rounds of row 400, rest 2-3 minutes.  Really improving on technique!

Friday: Racquetball (Ouch)

Work kept me busy.  Picked up car from shop and couldn't make the 4 or 5pm CrossFit class.  Kept racquetball date with dad at 6.  Got a ton of points and great shots...and also got clocked in the arm.

Nice to see skill improving on the court.

Saturday: CrossFit Olympic Lifting/Girl class

Grouchy attitude about missing CrossFit Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.  Exercised classic whiner logic and didn't want to go to CrossFit ever again.  Dragged self to class since Jared was coaching.

Took a good 20-30 minutes to ditch the grouchies.  New "4 burpees for complaining" rule helpful.  Enjoyed working on split jerks and had my first Cindy RX!


Did weekly weigh-in and body fat test.  Muscle gained - "growth days" (aka rest/recovery days) and all those calories clearly paying off.

Sunday: Rest Day

Went grocery shopping to stock up for the week.  Did some chores.  Watched terrible movie.  Hung out with Jared.  Found out who dunnit.  Ate a cinnamon roll.  Did 45 minutes of mobility/foam rolling while watching Gilmore Girls.

Good week.

You tell me: Are you all or nothing like I am?  I either want to work out like a maniac or I want to sit on my butt forever.  How do you find balance?  Do you ever stop to notice the positive effects of planned or unplanned rest days?


  1. Way to RX Cindy. She's a tough one!! I have such a hard time not working out. i still struggle with years of "guilt" for taking time off. Balance is tough for me too!

    1. Thanks Court! I know! I get sooo emotional about my workouts. It's a little silly.

  2. You're such a good work-er out-er. Also, I love when people use the phrase "crap ton". Finally, your bruise looks like it hurts!

    1. Aw, thanks Sarah! The bruise is almost better hurt the most on moment of impact...yikes my dad can really swing a racquet!


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