Monday, March 7, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

First post on first blog...on the first day of the workweek.  Fitting?  Here goes:

This weekend, in my eyes, signaled the coming of spring.  The sunshine and relative warm weather turned a normal Saturday of errands into utter bliss.  I walked instead of driving to the bank, then toodled over to the library on foot, and sat out of doors to read a bit of one of the magazines I'd picked up.  I floated down the aisles of the grocery store (always a highlight of the week, rain or shine), where I, of course, bought 2 bouquets of gerbera daisies - one orange, and one white.  Their mission this week is to remind us that all hope is not lost as we plunge into the dismal forecast of two weeks' rain.

Eat Well

Highlights of the weekend included:
  • Mini pre-game picnic on Saturday night
  • Breakfast Sunday morning
    • Brown-sugar broiled grapefruit
    • 100% whole wheat English muffins with leftover vanilla spice butter from the hubby's recent waffle escapades
    • Egg, mozzarella, ham and spinach omlettes (putting spinach in pretty much everything these days...)
    • Coconut water mixed with 100% black cherry juice to help (in preparation for our run)
Hoping to do more grapefruit these days after reading this article in Shape:

Sweat Hard

Saturdays my core looks most forward to the weekly date with a Mat Pilates class at the local gym.  This class is, to me, an ideal workout, because I work my biggest trouble spot (abs) for almost one solid hour, without really working up a sweat and having to hose down afterwards.  Ironic, if this blog is supposedly about sweating hard...but I sweat hard for most of the other 6 days a week, and I want to be cute and not gross when I run my weekly errands.  Call me a girly wimp.  I don't care.

As before mentioned, Saturday included a good deal of walking outdoors.  Though with no real cardio-vascular benefits (since I prefer to stroll rather than power through my walks), I thoroughly enjoyed the mood-boost and the vitamin D. 

Sunday is my recovery run day on the training plan for my very first half marathon...courtesy of Fitness Magazine.  I bumped the days around since Mondays are a great day for me to run...and Tuesdays always find me struggling to squeeze in my workout.  Beautiful day for running - especially since I got to share it with the hubby. 

Finished up the weekend with some at-home yoga and stretching...aaaahhh.

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