Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Crappy Run

Sweat Hard

So...yesterday I had a 75+ minute run scheduled.  Usually I have been doing my training runs around noon or later in the day, but for some reason I decided to get it out of the way first thing Monday morning.

This might have been a fine idea...except for the fact that I have been rather sick this week.  Which kept me from eating much dinner at all on Sunday...and kept me from eating much breakfast at all on Monday.  And the bottom line is that I used up in about 15 minutes all the calories I'd consumed in the previous 12 hours.

With about 3 walking breaks and 1 break to run to my car for some kind of food, I managed to limp through 55 minutes on the treadmill.  After that, I managed not to faint in the locker room or at work.  Which I suppose is an accomplishment?

Conclusions (from my own experience...please check with your doctor, personal trainer, life coach, whatever):
  • It is better to take walk breaks earlier when they can do you some good
  • It is better to postphone your run and have to switch around your day's schedule than to run on a virtually empty stomach
  • It is better SOMETIMES to run when sick (with a cold, perhaps), but sometime it is better to not run (in my case of a weird flu/chills/exhaustion thing, I could only work 5 hours before going home to sleep the rest of the day)
Wishing you wisdom in all you do...

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