Friday, August 10, 2012

Question: How Much Should I Eat on the Paleo Diet?

Answer: More Than You Think.

The first four days of the Paleo challenge went fine for me...packing food was not too difficult, especially with a lot of help from the hubby (not sure how it would go with only one spouse doing this alone).

I didn't feel a big performance at the box didn't seem to have a big improvement, and while most people claim they have a lot more energy on Paleo...I have found that even though I'm getting MORE sleep then I usually do (eight hours a night so far!), I am actually tired a lot more than usual.

It wasn't until yesterday afternoon, however, that I started to feel really crappy.  I was really tired, my productivity at work was way down, and I was even getting that brain fog where you do something and then five seconds later can't remember what you just did.  Ugh.  I could tell I was hungry, but I had zero appetite.  If someone had walked up and offered me a Top Pot doughnut, I think I would have turned them down.

I felt really frustrated and discouraged - this was how I'd felt the last time I tried Paleo (although it only took about 8 hours to kick in rather than four days), plus the headache, which I got towards the evening as well.

I went home torn between wanting to quit because my normal diet seems to work so well for me and not wanting to quit because I'd be embarrassed.  After talking to my mom in the afternoon and Jared once I left work, I decided I'd stick it out at least until the end of day Saturday.  I feel like it's only fair to give it one week and not chalk up one rough day entirely to Paleo.

But I made sure to eat food I loved for dinner - I knew if I saw another piece of meat I might hurl it across the room.  And I made sure to eat a lot!

I went with scrambled eggs with sausage, a clementine, and almond milk to start:

I had a square of 88% dark chocolate...

...and two little artichokes (my favorite veggie since I was a peewee).

Dip them in olive oil and lemon juice.  Mmmm.
I woke up feeling much better and more awake and energized than I felt Wednesday or Thursday.  I packed some extra food with me and really tried to make sure it was stuff I like.  I feel it may have been my steak and arugula salad on Thursday that did me in...I'm so not a big fan of steak and sometimes it kills my appetite and I don't eat enough as a result.

I will keep you posted...I did notice this morning that my jeans fit looser and my arms look a little more toned...which would be a definite win.

Tonight  - CrossFit with my momma and Coach Jared 

Since my workouts are a little off this week from Monday's power clean debaucle, Jared advised me to skip my "Girl" WOD this week.  Just as well, since I was hoping to do Karen (150 wall balls for time) and my 14lb wall ball won't arrive until next week.  Plus it's a team WOD tonight!  I love those, and I haven't gotten to do one in a while.

I did one of my PT exercises this morning while brushing my teeth (multi-task your health whenever possible!) and will finish that up later.  I also intend to do my shoulder stability work since I keep my pilates bands with me at the office!

Tomorrow - Deadlift Week 2

I'll get in at least five minutes of core work, followed by a good warmup, and then focus the majority of my time on my deadlift!  I'm looking forward to having some time to myself at the's nice to move at your own pace.  I'll also be doing a lot of mobility work and yoga - my left hip and IT band feel tight this week, so I'm sure I could use it.

Well, have a great weekend!  We expect to get some gorgeous weather around here, and I intend to sit at the pool and finish my latest Agatha Christie novel.  And make the Morning Glory Muffins from the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook.  I think those will save my butt...getting sick of salad and eggs for breakfast.

You tell me: What are your plans for the weekend?  Have you tried anything out of the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook?  It's amazing, right?


  1. I think not eating enough while doing Paleo is a common problem. Getting good food in is one thing, but making sure its enough is another. It is easier to get full faster. As far as Karen goes, I'm pretty sure you're going to need this shirt for after: Everyone who has done Karen agrees she is a dirty pirate woman.

    1. Hahaha. I hate wall balls so much...but I feel like doing a ton of them is the only way to get better!

      Thanks...I will keep trying to eat more food - hopefully that will help!

  2. My fat intake went way up when I started paleo. Now, I m trying to keep the veg high on the priority list...I struggle with it.

  3. Good luck girl and hang in there! You will figure it all out as you go! Make sure you are eating enough fats and proteins! You might need a bit more than normal on Paleo! Also maybe try increasing your carb intake! More carb dense fruits and veggies might help!


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