Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Are Double-Unders So Hard?

Last night turned into Girls' Night Out at Mercer Island CrossFit.

Coach Alison was back from vacation, and the class ended up entirely female.  It was so fun!  I love the guys at our box - don't get me wrong.  They are all super encouraging, and three of them have even helped me with flat tires!  But there's a different vibe when it's just the girls...or maybe we just chat more?  Anyhow, it was a TON of fun and a TON of work.

Our skill involved kettlebell swings (which I love) and box jumps (which are fun).

Oh, yeah.  And double-unders.  Which I hate.

Ever since I was a kid, I've liked doing things that come easily...and avoiding things that don't.  CrossFit has done a lot to get me out of this mentality, but honestly I got really discouraged and frustrated last night.  I feel like I've been doing CrossFit for almost nine months now...I should be able to link at least a few double-unders!!!

Coach Alison had me just focus on the "rhythm" of two single skips followed by a double under...without actually DOING the double-under.  (Jump low, low, high, low, low, high.)  It was really good for me because then I didn't have to focus on being annoyed with myself for tripping over the rope!

I went with the #44 on the kettlebell swings...boy do I have fun with that weight!  Heavier weight on the kettlebells tends to help me get better form, because you can't just cheat and use your upper body!  If you don't really drive your hips, you won't be able to get the bell up.  I used the 20" box and focused on landing quietly.  I'm a huge auditory person, and I love anytime I can listen to how my workout is supposed to sound to gauge if I'm doing it right!

Finally it was time for the WOD. 

I originally had high hopes of RXing, but my left wrist voted against it, so we agreed together to scale the weight down to #35.  I even had to have my wrist taped!  Which made me feel super cool since I've never done that in a workout (or outside a workout) before.

I felt good about my time, and was really impressed with my mom!  She did so well at 50 reps that Coach Allison made her do 25 more!  (Lol...CrossFit reward system: you did so great on that workout - we'll let you workout some more!!!)

It was a little humbling to scale this one when I felt like I should be able to do it, but I reminded myself that getting injured now will not help me consistently RX by my birthday.

My mom gave me a ride home...where Jared had a chicken and broccolini stir fry waiting.  Holy smokes - spicy and amazing!

I got a big case of Vita Coco at Costco last week and have been enjoying a glass with dinner.  It's SO refreshing, and great after a hard workout.  And I mooched some of Jared's wine.  Probably not as great after a hard workout...but it tasted pretty darn good anyhow!

Well, happy Friday everyone!  I am trying to plan my afternoon workout as well as tomorrow am.  Thinking of a WOD today and just focusing on skills and strength tomorrow.  Plus, I'm going indoor rock climbing with some friends tomorrow afternoon!  (I hate here goes fear fighting!)

Have a great weekend!

You tell me: Do you have double-unders down yet?  Have you had to tape your wrist for workouts?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh man, I can't even begin to explain how frustrating it was trying to get double unders! I kept thinking, "c'mon Katie, it's just jumping rope, why can't you figure out how to do this?!" Then one day, for some reason, everything just clicked. For the first time, I felt in control of the rope rather than hoping I wouldn't trip. It took months, but finally wasn't swinging it as fast as I could and praying I'd get it around, it just felt right. You'll get there :) The one thing that really helped me was focusing on keeping my entire body tight and staring at one spot on the wall. I also listen for the two skips, which helps me stay in a rhythm.

  2. Thanks, Katie! I will work on keeping my body tight and finding one spot to look at - hopefully that will help! I think I need to stop stressing about it...probably not helping myself.

    Thanks again!

  3. DUs are a major weakness of mine. My box is starting a challenge on 8/3 and we have to practice and get 100 DUs every time we're at the gym. If we don't we put a dollar in the equipment fund jar. ;) practice definitely helps!

  4. OMG Ashley I love it! I'm gonna tell our coach and maybe he'll do the same thing. Seriously SO many people at our box are trying to improve DUs.

  5. Double unders are so hard! They're so frustrating too cause sometimes I can get them and sometimes I can't!

  6. Seriously! Earlier this week I linked a few in a row...and last night I think I did ONE total.

  7. I'm kind of like you -- there's a reason I love certain exercises and there's a reason I don't get better at the the other ones and there's a reason a coach and a group class pushing me works --> if someone isn't telling me to do it, I'm not going to unless I'm good at it. But props to you for doing that workout anyways! And I'm so glad you commented on my blog cuz now I have more reading material to explore! :) Have an awesome weekend.

  8. Aw, thanks Cheryl!!! I know...anytime it's kettlebells I'm stoked and anytime I see wallballs it's like, "Oh, maybe I'll go tomorrow instead..." :(


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