Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Protein Packed Summer Salad

Hey howdy hey!

I am excited to announce the success of one of my very first self-designed dinner recipes.  I read in some magazine about melon soup, and was somehow seized with the desire to make salad with melon and shrimpa and quinoa. 

It's easy and fast and tastes super summer-y.  Here's how to do it:

1. Make quinoa according to the directions on the box (genius, I know).

2. Get out baby pre-cooked shrimp, half a honeydew melon, fresh mint, and walnuts.

 3. Snack on something delicious while you are doing the prepwork for the salad.

Pre-dinner snack...
brie and FSTG multigrain chips!
 4. Ball up about half of the half melon.  So 1/4 melon total.

5. Cook up the shrimp a little with some canola oil (actually better for you when cooking than olive!)...although this part is optional altogether.

6. Combine all previously listed ingredients with some romain lettuce.

7. Pour a glass of white wine, get something good to read, and squirt some fresh lime juice onto the salad.  Voila!

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