Friday, May 6, 2011

Fitness Face-off Friday: V2's the much anticipated result of last week's challenge:


Hard to believe...oh, wait, except that I've been freaky sore for 4 days straight.  But seriously...I don't think I've strength trained for 3 days out of a week in two months or more.  So thanks for holding me accountable!

Day 1/3 (Monday): Impact Workout

Holy freakin' crap.  Worked out with the hubby on Monday night for the first time in forever.  And by that, I don't mean he trained me.  I mean I did his workout with him.  Yeah.  55 minutes of super hard-core manly stuff.  (He makes it all look effortless when he's showing me.)  I did pretty well...did less weight and/or less reps and had a great time...until I started feeling dizzy and nauseous.  So that last column with the hammer curl and such I let him do alone while I went and had muscle milk and tried not to fall over.  I'd totally do it again (nothing like working out with the cutest guy at the gym), but maybe eat a few more calories beforehand.  Sheesh.

Day 2/3 (Wednesday): Bodyworks + Abs class

Since cameras aren't allowed in the gym, this is me pre-sweat getting ready to head off to class.  It was weird...the first time I went I used killer weights but was really workin' those lungs.  This time I had to use peewee weights but wasn't breathing hard at all.  Running, what have you done to me???

Day 3/3 (Thursday): Abs and Core and Abs and Core order not to overwork myself pre-half, I got Jared's expert advice and focused on my abs today.  I used a medicine ball for half the exercises, so I think that counts as weight-training...and I did 20 minutes.  So checking off day three, just in the nick of time!!!

I did the first 13 minutes with the hubby, and he showed me three killer moves you can do using only a bath towel.  So for those who don't want to pay for a gym membership or a bunch of fancy-pants equipment, here's how you can knock your abs out for free (I'm assuming you all shower or go to the beach and thus have towels):

My buddy Landon has a BuzzLightyear towel.  Jealous?
Plank Drag - get into a regular plank position but put your feet onto the towel on your kitchen floor (or any other slippery surface).  Using your arms to "walk", pull yourself to the other side of the kitchen, staying in plank the whole time.  The towel allows your feet to drag along with you.  (Walk for 20-60 seconds)

Knees Up - get in same starting position as before.  Keeping hips and back as parallel to the floor as possible, pull your knees towards your chest and then push your feet back out to the starting position.  Again, the towel allows your feet to slide/drag along. (Do 12-20 reps)

Hips Up - same starting position.  This time, keeping your legs as straight as possible, slide your feet towards your hands.  Your hips will raise, putting you in an upside-down V. (Do 12-20 reps)

Sorry I couldn't find decent photos of these online.  But your lower abs will thank me for passing them on.  Seriously, like 1-2 sets of these and you'll be good for the day.

For other ideas, check out this gal's video.

Yes, I will be buying myself flowers tomorrow at the farmer's market.


Challenge - Beat a Time

So as I may have mentioned like 20 times before, I am running my first half marathon on Sunday.  It would obviously be enough to say, I just want to run it and finish...but especially considering how well my training has gone, I wanted to up the ante and give myself a goal time. 

The awesome breakfast I plan to eat on race-day
Here's how you can face-off with me: pick something you are already planning on doing this week and do it faster.  For example, say you like to bike and you were planning to bike 3 miles on Saturday.  Set yourself an ambitious but not insane goal time, and then BLOW IT OUT OF THE WATER.


I am not a super-fast runner, but counting in at least one anticipated bathroom break (hey, I drink a TON of water), my goal time is 2:15 or less.  This is roughly a 10:15 pace...but really I'm thinking 5 minutes for a bathroom break (there could be a porta-potty line!!!) so 2:10 of running   So a sub- 10:00 pace.  I ran the 10k in 9:48 or so.  I think I can do it.


I'm a total lululemon fan...but I also have a budget and things like tithe, rent, gas, and groceries usually seem to come first.  (Weird, I know.)  So if I finish in my goal time, I am going to buy myself a new pair of workout pants

Um, talk about motivation.  Maybe I can convince Jared to buy them ahead of time and then run slightly ahead of me waving them in my face and threatening to return them when the race is over.


UM...if I finish in under 2:10, I'm gonna get myself a new headband, too.


If it takes me longer than 2:15...well, first I might cry, because I'm a total cry baby. 

But then I will take Monday completely off posting.  And have to wait until Tuesday to talk about the race.  So we'll all know if I DON'T make my goal when I'm silent on Monday (I realize that to the rest of the world, my silence is a reward, not a penalty.)
Last long training run

Although I plan to post pictures and details about how awesome the race goes, the cool part of this week's challenge is that y'all can check up on me yourselves.  I hear they post results for this things on a device called the internet.  Zounds.

So basically if I make the time, we'll all know.

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