Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dotty...and Splotty

One predictable element of my taste in clothes is a long-term relationship with polka-dots.  My obsession is so apparent that during my summer in Italy, my dear little friends who hosted me would run around stores and say, "Meghan!  This is polka dots!  You should buy it!" 

 I miss Italia!!!
As I once again deliberated how to dress for spring in winter weather, I decided to give it the ol' polka dot try:

I bought this lovely halter top years ago at Macy's.  I was about as budget conscious then as I am now, and felt super guilty about spending SO much money on a top that I couldn't say, "Ah, but it will go with everything I own!"  But I'm glad I did...

..because shortly around the time I bought it, I saw a picture of Audry Hepburn wearing the very same thing in a biography my brother bought me.

So there.  If anyone gives me grief about this top, I will tell them they are jealous of my Hepburn-like beauty.  And my cooking skills, too.

I paired the top with a white skirt (before Memorial Day, I know), a teal cami (skirt and cami from Express), black leggings (Romy), a black blazer (Issac Mizrahi...I think? for Target), my favorite black pumps, and a super fake pearl necklace (Target).

You may laugh at my frugality...but here's one of the big reasons I like to dress cheap when I can. 

I ruin stuff.

Like the day I wore this super cute outfit.  I was also being super healthy and brought a yummy salad to work:

Planning ahead...make 2 days at once to save time!

Great idea, right?  Well...it tasted amazing.  But somehow the balsamic vinegar and olive oil didn't play nice with my skirt.  Jerks.

Lucky for me I keep Grandma's Secret Spot Remover on hand at home.  And I'm happy to report that after spot treatment and a regular machine washing, the skirt is almost 100% recovered.

When your Eating Well gets in the way of Dressing Cute, it's time to Think Sharp.


  1. First of all, I love polka dots too! They DO go with everything!

    Second, I ruin everything too, so this story made me laugh :)

  2. I LOVE polka dots! And stripes. My friends say similar things to me as well. I tell them I'm just classy like that.

    And the outfit looks adorable. BTW.

  3. I gasped when I saw your skirt... and then wrote down the name of that stain remover. Where do you get it? ;)

  4. Click the product name and it should take you to Amazon - love this stuff!!!


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