Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kettlebell Sunshine/Musical Madness

Howdy folks.  Miss MIA is hopefully back in business.  I've got some killer excuses for my recent silence.  Want to hear?  Oh, good!!!

1.  Sunshine.

Here in the Pacific NW, what kind of fitness blogger would I be if during a busy but sunny week, I stayed inside to blog about my food and my clothes AND DIDN'T WORKOUT IN THE SUN???  A preposterous imposter kind of fitness blogger.  That's what kind.

Included in my sunshine exultations:

I took an hour+ walk to meet the hubby for dinner out.  He was coming from work and obviously could have picked me up.  But THE SUN WAS SHINING.  And I wanted to wear shorts since I can't wear them to work.

Shorts: Target, shoes (which you can't see): Nike, black tank: Gap, tunic: Papaya (the hubby picked it out), zip-up: lululemon (also from the hubby)

And here's my cute sweat-avoiding hair!
Walking an hour for this date was WAY worth it (besides the fact that the walk itself was delightful...phoned a dear friend and bemoaned the state of modern pop literature):

Unbeatable service, esp for an order-at-the-counter place.  The gal kept checking on us and finally brought us soup as a "so sorry your food is a little slow in coming."  Very impressive!

Fish tacos


Hot date
I finally did this full-body kettlebell workout from Shape

You can use a bench for the planks and box jumps in this workout: 

Seriously...2x through takes about 20-25 minutes.  I only have a 10lb kettlebell and this kicked my butt.  I had to improvise a little on the farmer carry since I only have one...and I don't own a medicine ball so I improvised some ab work on the last step of the workout.  (Now I totally want a heavier 'bell!)

Had lunch with a dear friend at the park:

Whole grain...awesome excuse to eat fishies.

My turquoise on navy on turqoise...

Bekah with her healthy water

2. Musical Theatre.

You may think this has nothing to do with eating well or sweating hard.  But here's how it ties in...this week found me striving to keep up with my healthy food and my workout regimen.  I had to be a little flexible, but somehow God got me through it.  I got in all my weight-training and some good cardio and yoga...there was one day where I only squeezed in 5 minutes of abs, but 5 minutes of working out is ALWAYS better than nothing. 

If you are like me, you have perfectionistic tendencies, and you do great with staying fit...until you "fall off the bandwagon" a teensy bit.  Then you get frustrated/discouraged/etc. and decide if you can't do it right, it's basically hopeless anyway.  This is the difference between goals and lifestyle.  Ultimately you have to see fitness and health as simply a lifestyle, realize it won't always be perfect, and do what you can to work it into the everyday chaos of life.

Enough soapboxing...

Set at Seussical

My buddy Carson...known this dude his whole life

He played Jojo and rocked the show!

I swung through Trader Joe's on my way to the show!
And here are "my" kids at last night's 5 hour dress rehearsal.  You better believe I packed a ton of healthy food ahead of time on Monday since I knew I'd be starved.

It's a revue about a show within a show.  Think Chorus Line.

It's going to be a great show...I'm very proud of all their hard work, particularly on some of the dance numbers!  A huge privilege to be back helping the director for this class.  If you don't hear from me tomorrow, I'll be off cheering these kids on!

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