Thursday, May 5, 2011

Return of Jafar

Did you ever watch Aladdin as a kid?  Of course you did.  It was amazing and funny with great music (and the only time a Disney princess talks to a tiger instead of rabbits and swallows).

Did you ever watch Return of Jafar?  I sure the heck hope not.  It was super contrived and they didn't even have Robin Williams.  Worst sequel idea ever.  Yesterday's outfit was kinda like that:

You may think this outfit is a total steal from Kendi Everyday.

How could you suggest such a thing?  It's not like I read her blog voraciously and have no creative ideas of my own!!!  I pair teal-green scarves with pink shirts ALL THE TIME.


Not all the time.

Or ever before, actually.

Poop.  I guess I'm just a bad Disney sequel with no Robin Williams. 

Sun sure was pretty yesterday, though.

Sun makes outfit plagarists happy!

Top: Express, jeans: JCP, scarf: gift (it's from Vietnam!), earrings: World Market, photo credits: Lica

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