Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Swap Squared

Recently, a dear friend of mine hosted a clothing swap.  I'd never been to one before, but the timing couldn't have been better!  Twice a year I swap out my spring/summer clothes and my fall/winter clothes.  This gives me extra room in my closet and dresser, and also makes me feel like I've gone shopping for free!  I say, "Why, how lovely to see you again, favorite scarf!" or "My, you're looking lovely today, white skirt."  This chatting with my clothes may be the mark of insanity, but at least it saves me money.

Having a party this year motivated me to get my butt in gear so that I could go through my closet before the event.  My awesome mother came over and helped me stay focused.  (Otherwise I'm like a brand new puppy...cute, but in a pathetic way cause I keep running around in circles and accomplishing nothing.)

A walk-in closet I can finally walk into...
Side rant: All the blogs I read are by girls in normal states.  By that I am basically complaining that Seattle has two seasons: rain and summer.  Summer lasts from the last week in June until roughly the end of September (with water typically falling from the sky on the 4th of July).  Rain lasts from October through most of June.

The normal state girls had spring start per calendar year around end of March.  They did awesome re-orgs of their closets, and then started wearing shorts and skirts and sundresses and culottes.   (So, yeah, I wore culottes when I was like 10 and would never wear them again.  But my point is there is sun and warmth somewhere on this earth.  I want it.)

I know there is still stuff to go through on top of my new dresser, but hey.  We made a TON of progress.  I'm getting rid of my old (pretty) dresser because it had three very big drawers...and they made it hard for me to keep things tidy.  I got one of those assemble yourself things from Target instead:

See?  Pretty's great for me because I have a really hard time keeping a specific drawer organized.  This way, I know at least what category fits in which drawer, so if it all gets jumbled, at least I know I'll come out with a tee shirt if I pull the right handle. 
Workout stuff in one wire bin, workout shoes in another
After we were finished, I realized I had really, REALLY wanted to do before and after shots.  I suggested to my mom that we could dump everything out again so I could fake a "before" shot. 

Seriously, you would think the woman who gave birth to me would be more supportive of my blogging career.

Notwithstanding my crushed dreams of becoming a super-blogger, I managed to survive and brought two big boxes of clothes to the swap party.  Well, maybe like a big bag and a laundry bin.  But basically boxes of stuff.

The only tough part was not taking home more than I brought.  Cause doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose?  I promise to try and post some photos of the good stuff I walked out with.

Bad picture, but lots of cute clothes!
T made awesome snacks since talking and shopping obviously burn up a ton of calories.

Yummy treats!
Yay swaps!  A very fun and productive way to hang with the girls.  Thanks, T!


  1. "Seriously, you would think the woman who gave birth to me would be more supportive of my blogging career."

    Absolutely favorite line.


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