Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Amazing Culinary Escapade

As you may have figured out...I'm kind of a freak about health/fitness magazines.  I LOVE them.  The low-down on nutritious veggies, fun new workout ideas, cute gym clothes and gear...etc. 

I currently subscribe to:
I also recommend Self and Health.

A month or so ago, I was reading my monthly copy of Fitness, when I ran across "6 Light and Healthy Summer Recipes."  Now, I'm the queen of brown bag lunches, but dinner and fancy desserts often find me leaving out ingredients, timing various steps poorly, and frantically improvising to earn the stamp of "edible."

But these recipes looked so friendly and chill that I was emboldened to try one out.  I asked my husband to pick his poison, and the verdict was Pork Scallopine with Sugar Snap Peas.

I was mildly concerned because when recipes say, "Total time: 30 minutes," it translates to 60+ meghaminutes.  This recipe gave me 20, and by the grace of God I did it in 30.  Can you PR in cooking?

Dredging pork.  Sounds dreadlocks.

I love vegetables that have "sugar" in their name.

I did everything all by myself - even opening the wine!!!

Bloggers often totally overlook the less-glamorous side of cooking...the dishes:

But thanks to my mad FlyLady skills (seriously, they will get their own post soon!), it didn't take me too long after dinner to clean up the craziness.

I seriously can't believe that no tastebuds were harmed in the making of this meal.

Maybe the colors didn't turn out quite as pretty as the magazine...but otherwise it was a pretty insane dinner.

My hubby was impressed.  Not just proud of me for trying.  Legitimately impressed

No wonder after that I stayed up all night baking cookies...


  1. Aww yay! I'm so proud of you!

    I would subscribe to more fitness magazines if they would fit in my apartment. As is I just get to my physical therapy appointments early and read them there. They think I'm just overly punctual. They're wrong.

    This meal sounds and looks delicious! GO YOU.


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