Friday, May 13, 2011

One, two, three, CRACK! New egg.

What happens when all your food posts are photos of the food someone else makes?  Do the blogger police come and take you away maybe not all my food posts are of food I make.  If there's anything fancy or complicated or just plain delicious, unless I took explicit credit it is probably the work of my culinarily gifted husband.

A few weeks ago, he got sick...this was very sad for him, and very sad for me as bachelorette Meghan makes awesome breakfast and a killer sack lunch, but can be kinda hopeless when it comes to dinner and dessert.  (Remember when Audrey Hepburn goes to cooking school in France and she had to spend hours just cracking eggs perfectly?  Somehow I don't think I have that kinda persistence.)

So here's me, making fancy-pants nachos.  I got in vitamin c, fish oil, protein, calcium, and some awesome fats from the avocado.  Cool beans.

The apron says:
"I Kiss Better Than I Cook"

I didn't even set off the fire alarm!!!

Chillin with the latest copy of Shape magazine...
By the time my perfectionist self had laid out the above photo set-up and gotten a good shot...the nachos were kinda cold. 

This is why I prefer to try dressing like Audrey instead of cooking like she did in Sabrina to win over Humphrey Bogart.  (Plus my husband is like a thousand times better looking than Bogie.  No contest.)

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  1. haha you do realize those are probably the healthiest nachos ever created! So I think you did good :P


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