Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunflower Cookies

Hooray!!!  This post appears thanks to my dear friend at Have Kitchen, Will Feed.  She still had it in her Google Reader.  Friends triumph over technology!

A few weeks ago, I read about these sunflower butter cookies on Carrots 'n' Cake.  Now, I'm not much of a baker, but these cookies looked so easy even I couldn't screw them up!  So I decided to make them in delayed honor of my husband's birthday. 

I bought the ingredients to make them on a Monday...but it was one of those very stressful Mondays which give other Mondays a bad rap.  So I put them off for a few days.  Thursday night I finally made Jared's birthday dinner (post on that coming up) and was so fired up about my success that I decided to stay up late to make the cookies. 

If you know me well, this is a big deal.  I wake up around 4am on Fridays, so I was under the influence of serious cookie enthusiasm.

 I had printed out the recipe...and lost it, so my husband looked up the site on his phone and I copied it all down.  (See messy handwriting above.  And don't blame the homeschooling.  My mom tried cursive with me for years.  Sorry, Ma.)

Everyone say "cheese"!

First time I'd ever bought sunflower butter!

So far, so good...

I was STARVING partway through and didn't want to scarf the dough:

About this point, I realized something was wrong.  Everything was all mixed together per the recipe, but it looked SUPER crumbly and dry.

I finally realized what the problem was.  I hadn't added the butter.  I didn't put the butter in my ingredient picture at the beginning, since I figured everyone obviously knows what butter looks like.  And this is the thanks I get.


Finally, the missing piece!

Ready for the oven...

At this point it was who-knows-what time in the middle of the night.  My sweet husband actually brought out blankets and his pillow and was sleeping on the floor by the kitchen for a while to keep me company.  I was pretty tired myself:

But it was not in vain!!!

(My mom taught me how to do this with paper bags in case you don't have a cooling rack.)

Yum, yum, and more yum!

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