Saturday, December 31, 2011

On the Second Day of Christmas true love gave to me: green polka dot pajamas, and a Japapense transistor radio!!!

3rd married Christmas...go team!
(Thank your lucky stars I don't intend to post 12 days.)

Speaking of lucky...we are in two senses: first, we don't have to travel on the holidays, and second, splitting time between families is a piece of cake.  Or would it be two pieces if we are splitting time?

We have so many lulu bags's crazy

Jared's family generally prioritizes Christmas Eve, and mine loves Christmas Day (especially the morning), so we divide time accordingly and get to see both.

I really wanted to get a workout in on Christmas Eve morning.

Tee - Nike, running skirt - lululemon, shoes - Nike
But as you may recall, I am in PT for some lovely IT-band stuff and am not to run for a month.  So I did some yoga instead.

Pants - lululemon,
hoodie - Mercer Island Crossfit

Christmas Eve afternoon was a super relaxed affair at Jared's mom's house.  We went in our new workout gear for crepe-pancakes, football, and presents.

Jared's brothers Jake and Sam

After appreciating wrapping paper and laughing a lot, we got fancified for dinner and gift exchanges at Jared's grandparents' house.

Me with Lauren, sister-in-law of the century
Lauren and I are humorously similar...there are a lot of cool things about us, but we can be uptight crybabies about insignificant things - sometimes daily.  So we thought we'd get a good crybaby shot and accidentally made the exact same face.  Our husbands are brave men.

I recently started following Sarah over at Coming Unstitched.  She's got great taste and blogs for those of us who don't have a few grand to blow on clothes each month.  Not only does she present cute, affordable pieces, but she offers ideas on how to get more mileage by mixing up your outfits.  When she posted a Christmas outfit with adorable red shoes, I was hooked...and went out and bought some.  Powerful marketing, there, people!

SHOES - F21, flower - Claire's,
lace top - Express, blazer - Target,
pearls - Goodwill, jeans - F21
Obviously I am using her New Year's Eve ideas to plan my fancy getup this weekend.

Dinner at the grandparents included heaps of yummy food, the name-draw gift exchange, a White Elephant exchange, and a visit from Santa.  We didn't actually see him, but there was some ho ho ho-ing and jingling bells.  Plus the cookies were gone.  Sweet deal.

Most of the cousins

Never have I heard 3 men discuss shoes like these boys debate Nike

You tell me: Is your family far or near?  Did YOU get a visit from Santa this year?  Do you blame impulsive shoe purchases on well-meaning bloggers?

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