Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weight Sled WOW/On the third day of Christmas

Happy 2012!!!

One of my resolutions this year is to be more consistent about posting...this post was gonna be on Wednesday.  Whoops.

My workout of the week is from Friday's WOD at Mercer Island Crossfit.  The SJCC now has a spiffy weight sled, so before Crossfit, Jared and I pushed the sled arond and played a little racquetball.

The sled!!! Ho Ho Ho

You can pull it...

...or push it! 
Hoodie - MI Crossfit, tee - Nike,
running capris - lululemon, trail shoes - New Balance

I had to take it a little easy on the WOD due to a cold and my good ol' IT band.  But I was SUPER proud of myself for one thing:

Box Dips.

Every month Coach Corey has us working on a skill...we test ourselves at the beginning of the month, and then re-test at the end to see how we progressed.  I did more than twice as many reps.  I think I should switch to ring dips!

From 30 to 63!!!

And I know everyone is back to work and resolutions and chores...but here's a peek at Christmas Day with my family.  We like things to be very low key...sweats or pjs, pecan sticky buns and pineapple for breakfast, and lots of laying around and reading books or playing with Legos.  Although no one gets Legos for Christmas anymore.  Sad.

And this year we also watched Harry Potter 7.2 since my folks hadn't seen it yet.  The best part was my brother Max saying, "Okay, here's what I didn't like abou...stop punching me in the stomach!" and my brother John with "SH!  Mom hasn't seen it yet!"

Official Family Portrait

My brothers thought it would be
HILARIOUS to buy us a baby book.



Me probably trying to count how many
pecan sticky buns I ate and whether the yoga
I did will negate any calories

You tell me: Any resolutions you've already managed to break?  What was your favorite/best workout this week?  Did you get Legos for Christmas?


  1. Since I haven't been, anytime someone mentioned Crossfit online I couldn't picture what the sled would look like. Thanks for the photos, now I know!

  2. Love it girl! I love that push thing. It's seriously so much fun to me. You look awesome!


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