Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blog Stalk: Carrot Cake Pancakes & Cookie Dough Bites

As you know, my husband is one heck of a chef.

This has worked out for me in a variety of ways over the years, and one variety is how it benefits my blog-reading.

I read great blogs by people who cook well and take pretty photos of their creations.  I read, drool, and then email the link to my hubby and ask him to make said dish for me.  I then reap the results.

Carrot Cake Pancakes: Eats Well With Others

Joanne is a clever and talented med student living in NY.  I think of her blog like the grocery store - never go there if you are hungry, or you will be sorry.  Basically everything this woman puts together looks crazy good.  And she's funny to boot.

Purple carrots from our CSA

I did this part, so technically I helped

Greek yogurt means the icing is healthy, right?

Yes, they were just as good as they looked!

Clean Cookie Dough Protein Bites: think pretty thoughts

Katy is a self proclaimed fitness-obsessed fashionista from the great state of Texas.  She posts cute outfits and butt-kicking workout ideas to help you look good in your own cute outfits. 

A fan of clean eating, she recently changed lives at our little apartment by posting this recipe.  We put the dough in little tupperware containers, freeze them, and take to the gym so they are still cold for a post-workout hit of protein goodness.  Beats the pants off Muscle Milk.

Fancy-pants clean ingredients...or mostly clean

You don't even have to cook it!!! 

You tell me: what's your favorite killer breakfast or post-workout snack?


  1. Those pancakes look amazing! But I think I will probably be more likely to try the protein bites, especially since they are "clean". My post-workout snack is usually just peanut butter on a slice of bread or crackers. Pre-workout is definitely yogurt or apples. I am a distance runner and both those are great for that type of workout so I just keep it the same for lifting too!

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