Thursday, December 22, 2011

Daily Dilemma: Iced Tea is Expensive

I'm a big fan of Honest Tea.  They keep the sugar factor to a minimum, and whatever they make tastes crazy awesome.  However, being the manager of the grocery bill madness in our household, I usually can't afford it unless it goes on sale.

My husband who cooks is also smart (sweet deal) and decided we should just make our own.

He had me get tea for each of us in the glass bottles (this way we could wash and reuse). 

Then he made tea with a bunch of amazing spices, and we bottled it up and chilled it! 

I brought my tea to work and made the treat last three days!

You tell me: what frugally genius tricks do you have for enjoying your favorite goodies?

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  1. I will take full responsibility for your purchases :) I love that you were able to get inspiration from them. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! Talk to you soon!


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