Saturday, December 17, 2011


I am really not a smoothie person.   Or a shake person.  Unless I'm dancing to Elvis with my favorite dance partner. 

Total tangent: Jared and I have been swing dancing since before we started dating.  For a few years, we danced semi-professionally with the amazing Chris and Alison of Eastside Swing Cats

If you are looking for a great way to be active with your significant other...TAKE UP DANCING!  Swing is especially great for fitness because a lot of the tunes are really fast, and if you can get good lessons, all of the lifts and "air" moves really work your muscles!

It's also a great idea from a relationship standpoint.  There's a lot of communication and teamwork, plus you get a great exercise in leading and following.  There's my little date night plug.

With Chris and Alison at a recent dance

If you are dancing up a storm or just want a fun, easy breakfast, try the Apple Mojito Light smoothie from Women's Health magazine.  It's amazing! 

Usually I think smoothies are too thick and hard to swallow.  This one is totally not, and the flavor is incredibly refreshing - perfect after a great workout!

Speaking of great favorite race of the year is finally upon us!  That's right, the 12ks of Christmas is tomorrow! 

I have to admit, I am kinda nervous.  I had a crappy slow run Friday morning and it had me all in a dither.  Thanks to a pep talk from a great friend, I have calmed down somewhat.  I asked her for ideas for a fun non-time-based goal for my run.  She suggested counting cute butts and ugly butts or trying to finish with a smile on my face.

I'm really hoping I can just relax and enjoy the run.  It's a tradition for Jared and me, and this year we have roped a lot of family members into joining us.  Both my younger brothers are home from college and I'm stoked to see them! 

Me and John

Max and Me
Plus I have a cute outfit all planned...I'm big on cute workout clothes in general, and ESPECIALLY on dressing up for themed runs.  I can't give it all away...but there will be faux fur on my socks.

At the VDay Dash
 You tell me:  What are your fun race goals?  Do you get nervous before runs?  Does dressing up make you feel better? 

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