Monday, December 19, 2011

Toys for Tots Weekend: Part I - Stoneway Crossfit

After a week of insanity (and by that I mean me being stressed out and turning psycho), I was SO looking forward to a weekend of nothing but working out and relaxing.  Sunday was, of course, the long awaited 12k run, but first, Saturday was a field trip team WOD out to Stoneway Crossfit to benefit Toys for Tots!


Jared and I stopped at Urban Coffee Lounge in Juanita before picking up the race packets for Sunday at Everyday Athlete nearby.  Such a treat!

Jared's gorgeous Irish Coffee

My Ginger Molasses Latte...and my latest book from KCLS!
Tangent Alert: Currently I am working on being more timely - you wouldn't expect it since I freak out about plans and schedules and put anything I can into Excel...but I'm the gal who is always running behind when we are trying to get out the door. 

One thing that has helped me is to always have something to read on hand.  I hate wasting time, but I love to read.  So I bribe myself to try to be early so that I can chill and read for a bit.  Often it just means I'm actually on time, but sometimes I really do get a few minutes to devote to my latest book. 

Urban Coffee Lounge is gorgeous
Currently I'm enjoying Mile Markers, by Kristin Armstrong.  It's a lot more touchy-feely than the other non-fiction I've been reading lately.  Much less "how to" run and much more "why we" run.  However, it's engaging and well-written, and a nice change of pace for me.  Heehee.

After coffee, I toodled over to pick up toys to bring as our buy-in for the Stoneway Crossfit Team WOD, and then met Jared at Everyday Athlete.  We were there pretty early, so it wasn't too crazy, and Jared had already gotten our bib numbers to make things easier...since we were getting packets for 8 people.

I had forgotten that the 12k's of Christmas was also fundraising for Toys for Tots - good thing I bought a few extra toys!  We were able to leave our toy donation with the packet hander-outers, and then we headed on to Crossfit!

Shirts and packets and pins for 8

Remainder of our Santa goodie-bag
There's not a whole lot I miss about living in Seattle, frankly, but on certain days, the views are just unbeatable!

Heading across the soon-to-be-tolled 520 bridge

Space Needle
I'd never been to Stoneway Crossfit, but a bunch of their folks came out last month to Mercer Island for a food bank fundraiser, and they seemed a pretty cool group.  I had no clue what the WOD would be...and sometimes that makes it more fun!

Jared with his awesome MICF hoodie

Thankfully we did not roll any tires

We were some of the first to show up, which gave us time to drop off our toys, put down our excess gear, and get all signed in.  And of course, take very necessary blog photos.

All set up for farmer walks!

They broke us up into teams of five.  You had to have at least 2 of each gender on your team, and at least 2 strangers.  The WOD had 4 people moving and 1 person resting at all times.  We did as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of the following rotation:

Run 200 meters


Farmer Walks

Squat Hops

Rest (or if your team was in a different heat, cheer on the other teams)

We counted the total reps of each movement...and at the end they told us which movement designated the winning team (to prevent people from purposely saving energy on the "unimportant" parts of the WOD).  Our team ended up placing 2nd.  Woohoo!

At the end of the WOD, they did a raffle and of course, group photos:

Raffle time
All participants...with toys!!!

Mercer Island Crew

And my favorite team...
After the killer workout, we headed home and ate and read and chilled for a bit.  Then we headed to the mall to work on some Christmas shopping...of which we got done exactly nothing.  But we ran into Jared's sister and her husband, so we spent a lovely hour or two catching up with them at Starbucks. 

When we parted ways with Lauren and Stephen, Jared and I went to the movie theater to catch the next showing of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows.  Fantastic film!  This fall I've been listening to all the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories, and I loved recognizing the different characters or catching lines from the books.  Highly impressed...and going to see it again.

Post movie we still had to go grocery shopping for the post-run brunch we were hosting on Sunday.  For two kids who usually go to bed around 9, we were sleepy, but at least we were making food!

Jared worked on brunch preparations and the sausage for dinner while I focused on the pasta, broccolini, and tidying up.

If you end up doing the Men's Health: Shop Once, Eat for a Week plan, be sure and cook the spaghetti sauce long enough.  I didn't and it was a bit like spaghetti soup.  Oh well.

12k's recap forthcoming...

You tell me:  How was your weekend?  See any movies?  Do any great workouts?  Eat broccoli because it's good for you even though you don't like it? 

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  1. Hey stranger! Yum, that dinner looks delicious! And Urban Coffee Lounge looks like the perfect place for me to get you your D*S book. A date in 2012, perhaps? <3 you!


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