Sunday, December 18, 2011

Workout On-the-Go: Melt Fat Fast!

We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you a previously scheduled post.

That's right.

This morning I am off running the 12ks of Christmas with family, friends, puppies, and random strangers.  Obviously you are jealous that you can't be running the race with me.

Can't help you there, but I can provide you a super sweaty, challenging cardio and strength workout that you can do without having to run any ks at all!

This message is brought to you courtesy of Shape Magazine.  They published this workout in December of last year.  Which clearly makes it a Christmas workout.

It kicked my butt and it will kick yours, too.

You'll need handheld weights, a mat, a watch or timer, and something you can jump over.  I picked the foam roller.  And you'll want a towel.  For all the sweat.

Circuit 1 - Melt Fat Fast

Circuit 2 - Firm & Burn

Circuit 3 - Total Body Scuplt

Technically you could just do one of the circuits a few times and call it good.  But I think it's more fun to give each one a go!

You tell me:  How did the workout go?  Did you like it?

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