Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Get Out + Get Fit

Headband - lululemon, tank - Nike, pants - Express
Drumroll please:

I have now been leading workouts in the park once a week for over a month!  Tonight will be workout #5.  Crazy!

In honor of this momentous occasion, I plan to switch things up.  Previously this has been the format for 3 out of 4 classes (the other class was yoga, yoga, yoga):

  • 5-10 minute warm-up (stuff like jumping jacks and skipping around)
  • 10 minutes of core work
  • 20-30 minutes of circuit strength training
  • 10-15 minutes of yoga
Here's what we'll be doing today...in case you want to try it out for yourself!

Health magazine Fun In the Sun workout - all you need is a beach ball, a frisbee, and a pool noodle!  We'll probably finish up with another 10 minutes of yoga.  Happy sweat session!

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