Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sometimes, Life Stinks

Happy Monday!  I have a really fun story to share.

My friend bought me some beautiful flowers when she was in town recently...they were a source of fragrance and loveliness in our apartment, until, like all cut flowers, they wilted and finally died.  I meant to take them out to the trash and wash out the vase.  Really, I did.  But I kept putting it off and putting it off until one day, my sweet husband and I returned from work to a horrendous, overpowering odor.  It smelled like a small, elderly rodent had doused itself in perfume and then crawled into our apartment and died.


We've had smelly trash and mildew and all kinds of things before.  Nothing compared to this.

So, I opened the windows and got the fan running:

Jared lit just about every candle we own:

(And then he went and barricaded himself in the bedroom.  I stuffed toilet paper up my nose and did dishes...including the reeking vase.)

Finally, after an hour or two, we could breathe freely.

What is my point, you ask?

SO MANY diseases and injuries can be prevented or lessened in duration and severity by proper fitness and eating habits. 

I spent a good deal of my life knowing I should workout smarter and more frequently, and stop avoiding vegetables like a 4 year old.  It wasn't until last September that I really started to make lasting changes, and already I've seen tremendous results. 

I don't want to be hindered from running because I have knee problems that I could've combated with yoga.  I don't want to end up with cancer because I refuse to eat healthier food.  I don't want to have zero energy because I never get my heart rate up.  I don't want to live with debilitating stress because I have no regular physical outlet for the resulting hormonal buildup.

I want to work hard, play hard, sleep like a baby, and be around to ride scooters with my grandkids.

Don't put off dealing with bad health habits until the odor is enough to kick you out of your own home.  Do something today.

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