Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hippity Do Dah

Ever have one of those days where you pretend to be something you're not?  This is me with a headscarf.  It means I'm pretending to be a chill hippie Jesus freak instead of the excel-nut type A control freak I usually am.  Not sure if it worked...but the light made the photos really cool.

Scarf - Target, necklace - gifted,
sweater - F21, tank - Express,
skirt - Express, leggings - Romy, sandals - Target

More on my PLEASE DON'T GET SKIN CANCER lip gloss ever, from Victoria's Secret.  Apparently gloss tends to work as a magnifying glass, making your lips more susceptible to evil cancer plots of the sun, but you can fight back with some good old SPF.

Kiwiberry lip gloss...yum!

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