Friday, July 15, 2011

Rest Day/Fitness Face-Off Friday

Sometimes, you just need to give it a rest.

I worked out for 2.5 hours on Wednesday, and almost as long yesterday.  Today was gonna be my upper body workout day...but as my sleep tank is low and my heels are killing me, I've thought better of it and intend to do nothing today except perhaps a little yoga before bed.  And watch the final HP installment for date night.


Seriously, there is no reason to get injured or become ill because you are wearing yourself too thin.  Some of us seem to need a lot of motivation to get going on our workouts...others of us need something really serious (like a trip to the hospital) to convince us to slow down and take it easy. 

If you are the type that shudders at the "pansy" idea of doing some easy cross training or bumping your routine down a notch, imagine yourself unable to do anything for weeks due to an overuse injury...and then take your darn rest day.

Tired feet in Italy.  Ah...

In other's Fitness Face-Off Friday!  Basically, this is the day when I use you to motivate me to do something I otherwise know I won't.

This week's challenge?  Running.

I used to run 3-5 days a week when I was training for my half marathon.  Now I'm lucky if I run twice in a week...and my "long" runs on the weekend with Jared are feeling much longer and harder.  Plus, my thighs and I have never exactly gotten along...but we were starting to be friends when I finished the half.  Now we're back to that awkward polite acquaintance stage

Obviously I prefer racquetball, strength-training, the stair machine, and yoga to running, since I do some combo of the above like every day.  But this madness has to stop.

Between now and midnight on Thursday, I will run 3 times.  For at least 20 minutes each.

Reward: I will buy myself something cute at Old Navy.
Punishment: I will not blog for 3 weekdays straight.  Gulp.

Want to join me on FFOF?  Leave a comment below telling me how many times and for how long you plan to run this week.  It can be more or less than long as you are moving, you are making progress towards a healthier life! 

Good luck and Happy Friday.

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